Sunday, October 2, 2022
Oct. 2, 2022

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Letter: Justices violate oath


On Sept. 12, 1960, presidential candidate John F. Kennedy addressed an assembly of Protestant ministers in Texas. Religious extremists and opportunists had made an issue of his Catholic faith. He promised that his decisions would be made based on the interests of America, not his religion; he kept that promise.

Justices of the Supreme Court take many oaths. They swear to uphold and respect the law, and to decide cases free of conflicts of interest, bias and prejudice. Sadly, we now know certain justices have secretly and repeatedly violated their oaths of office.

Robert Schenk, former leader of “Faith and Action,” brags of praying with justices and recruiting “wealthy volunteers” to entertain them while his groups had matters before the court. His successor Peggy Nienaber also boasts of praying with certain justices, including Samuel Alito, in the Temple of Justice, while cases in which they had an interest were before the court. Justice Alito cites an amicus brief written by Ms. Nienaber’s employer, Liberty Counsel, at page 30 of his Dobbs opinion. Liberty Counsel is listed by the Southern Poverty Law Center as a hate group.

None of the justices has denied these conflicts of interests. The justices did this, they hid this, and they violated their oaths. They should resign in shame, but they have no shame.

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