Saturday, June 25, 2022
June 25, 2022

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Letter: Some things don’t make sense


When I was a child my parents said to me, son, when you get older you will understand this or that. Well Mom and Dad, I am older now, almost 80, and there are still a number of things I do not understand.

1. The Republican Party. They had two chances to get rid of Trump. If they had impeached him, the sheep would have fell in behind them, for sheep always follow the leader.

2. I have traveled all of the world and I don’t understand American women. They don’t have time to travel to the nearest drugstore to buy birth control but have time to travel hundreds of miles to the nearest abortion clinic. I support a woman’s right to an abortion in most situations, because why would you want her to give birth to a baby she does not want? I have told the young men in my family, if you are not ready to father a child, never ever leave the reasonability of birth control up to your girlfriend or wife.

3. My attitude on guns is this: I don’t think most of us humans are emotionally mature enough to own a gun. I am not.

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