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Sunday, September 24, 2023
Sept. 24, 2023

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Letter: Enforce vehicle noise laws


Noise pollution lowers the quality of life in Clark County. It’s fixable. Illegally loud cars, trucks and motorcycles roam our streets. Loud at any time, they enter into stoplight drags that boost the decibels. I clearly hear them on 164th Avenue, which is a half-mile away. Fall means fewer open windows and outdoor activities, so the noise is less evident; but they will be there when summer comes again.

Vancouver police won’t cite noisy vehicles because of lack of staff and/or priorities. Washington has a vehicle pollution test site that could stop this noise pollution if they tested for sound. Only a small portion of vehicles need sound testing. The word will get out that loud engines will mean no registration tags, so exhaust modifications will stop.

If you give your kids drum sets they will bang away until you (or neighbors) go mad. Enforce the Washington vehicle noise laws.

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