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Sunday, December 3, 2023
Dec. 3, 2023

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Letter: Advice to Republicans: Just stop


To our GOP neighbors: We are happy about this election, but mostly relieved. We are so tired of your whining and lying and manufactured anger and scare tactics.

We are exhausted. We, as a country, have had enough of the election denials and the conspiracy theories.

Jewish space lasers? Proud Boys? Armed people at polling locations?!

We are so tired of you always holding a gun (oftentimes literally) to our country if you don’t get your way. Always threatening us, our minorities, our kids’ health, their education and safety. You are constantly holding a gun to our head with Joe Kent and Kari Lake and Donald Trump. Liz Cheney was too liberal for you? Why can’t you run your best people? You’d win more, and we’d all have more peaceful lives. We are tired of the act.

Don’t you see that your addiction to rage is driving people to vote against your leaders? You voted Jaime Herrera Beutler out; you then ran a guy who was threatening our rights and denied elections.

You ran election deniers across the board and gave those positions away. You did.

Now Trump has announced. He won’t win. Even if he does, we will all lose. So dear American extremists, please stop. The hate, the fear, the conspiracies.

Just stop.

Sincerely, the majority.

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