Sunday, December 4, 2022
Dec. 4, 2022

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Tandie the lion is back in Seattle, ready for his zoo debut


SEATTLE — A prodigal Seattle son has returned and is ready to show off.

Tandie, a South African Transvaal lion, is, as of this week, cruising (or maybe snoozing) around the African Savanna lion habitat at Woodland Park Zoo.

Tandie, 8, was born at the Seattle zoo in 2014. He left in 2016, spending his days at the Oakland Zoo in California.

He returned to Seattle last month and has spent the last few weeks acclimating, behind the scenes, to his home and zookeepers.

Tandie’s father, Xerxes, spent most of his life at Woodland Park Zoo before he was euthanized earlier this year because of kidney failure.

Tandie will live with Ilanga, 5, in the zoo’s lion habitat.

“This has been a big adjustment for both Tandie and Ilanga, but they’re both getting along really well. It will be exciting to see how their relationship continues to develop,” Kim Szawan, an animal care manager at the zoo, said in a statement.

Zoo officials say they don’t have plans to breed Tandie and Ilanga in the near future.

Here are some Tandie facts, courtesy of the zoo:

  • Tandie is a triplet. His mother, Adia, had him and two brothers in 2014. His brothers, Gandia and Mandla, live in Oakland.
  • Tandie is known for being thoughtful, smart and affectionate.
  • His favorite things to eat are meat (many varieties) and blood ice pops.