Friday, January 27, 2023
Jan. 27, 2023

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Letter: City council isn’t listening


If one is following Vancouver City Council decisions, it is evident there is a communications disconnect between citizens and councilors. I applaud Councilors Sarah Fox and Bart Hansen for trying to achieve open communication.

First it was the bike lanes on Columbia Street. My neighbors lost 40-plus blocks of residential parking spaces. We see about five daily bike riders, otherwise the lanes are full of leaves and trash cans. There are barriers in the street, preventing the street sweeper from cleaning the lanes.

Second comes the Safe Stay Community centered in a thriving downtown. Businesses and residents asked to be heard. The council did not present alternative sites or community discussion.

On Nov. 21, the council passed a tax increase on businesses. The same group testified to council for communication and compromise. Once again the citizens were shunned.

Several times I asked City Manager Eric Holmes for a meeting to discuss the citizens’ viewpoint. He refuses to meet with me, recommending me to staff.

We can do better!

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