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Wednesday, June 7, 2023
June 7, 2023

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Letter: Return gifted classes to schools


I have volunteered in classrooms in Vancouver schools for the last six years. Even during COVID shutdowns, I coached and worked with elementary kids in math, writing and history. I have seen and worked with many kids of all ethnic backgrounds, low-income and first generation attending public schools.

Only two days before school started this year, the curriculum changed. Hi-cap and gifted students lost their classes in math. Not even one class per week is being offered to the Hi-cap kids. Those who are at the sixth-grade level of math are doing the same math assignments as those who have tested as low as first-grade level in math abilities. This causes boredom, behavior problems in the classroom and the saddest effect is the kids of all these varied backgrounds that could really excel and continue into high school and possibly college scholarships are being held back.

The schools in Vancouver must step up and again offer these math classes to all kids that have these higher abilities and challenge them to be their best. Their future may depend on this. Contact your school board member and let them know all our kids deserve the best.

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