Saturday, September 24, 2022
Sept. 24, 2022

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Letter: Work for good of country


I am a patriot. I was raised to appreciate the freedoms we enjoy as Americans, raised to think beyond self, respect the rights of others to disagree, and engage in dialogue and discussion to reach a common goal.

We are a nation steeped in the rule of law. But now there are candidates for office promoting false narratives, issuing demonstrably false statements. Some candidates openly declare they will not enforce duly legislated laws with which they don’t agree. Some candidates seek to impose their rights over the rights of others. Saner minds must prevail for America to remain be a democratic republic.

I cannot just shrug my shoulders. I will not drink that toxic rhetorical brew. I will ignore the advertising hype and incendiary bluster and do my own research into the issues. I will evaluate candidates by their adherence to the rule of law. I will actively participate in supporting the candidacies of those who offer solutions to our problems, not battle plans for the demise of our democracy.

I will do my best for my country. But others must do the same. Please.

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