Tuesday, December 6, 2022
Dec. 6, 2022

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How much does interior designer cost?


Interior decorating can be overwhelming. In an age when spare time is in short supply, many homeowners simply can’t fit sprucing up their houses into their schedules. Sometimes it is better to just hire a professional. But will hiring an interior designer break the bank?

It all depends on your needs. Smaller single-room projects will set you back far less than full interior renovations. One of the first things to consider is how your designer of choice wants to be compensated. Most of the time, designers will choose to either be paid a flat fee or by the hour.

According to The Spruce, junior designers will run you an estimated $100 per hour. For more experienced designers, that hourly price may increase to as much as $500. On average, expect to pay around $150 to $200 per hour. This cost will vary somewhat based on your area, however. Expect to pay more in major metropolitan areas than in smaller towns.

Flat rates can also vary widely. For a single room, prices will usually start around $2,000. To design an entire house, expect to pay over $5,000.