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Saturday, June 3, 2023
June 3, 2023

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Clark County composter program offers free workshops

By , Columbian staff writer

Clark County’s Composter Recycler program is offering a series of free online workshops about composting and sustainable living strategies. The eight-part series will teach participants how to reduce their impact on the planet through composting, green cleaning, recycling, food waste prevention, and low waste living.

The virtual workshops will be offered via Zoom and include:

• Backyard composting: 7-8 p.m., April 12; learn how to construct a compost pile and heat it up.

• Red worm composting: 7-8 p.m., April 19; learn how to construct and maintain a worm bin that will turn kitchen trimmings into nutrient-rich fertilizer. Participants will be eligible to receive a worm bin, bedding and worms at no cost.

• Lasagna garden composting: 7-8 p.m., April 26. Learn how to grow, build, and plant a raised-bed garden from easily obtainable urban waste. No tilling or turning required.

• Advanced composting techniques: 7-8 p.m., May 3. Learn how to compost using the bokashi method, trench composting and new technology systems.

• Green cleaning: 7-8 p.m., May 10. Learn how to make three versatile and environmentally friendly household cleaners. Participants will be eligible to receive a green cleaning kit at no cost.

• Recycling done right: 7-8:30 p.m., May 17. Learn how to be an expert recycler and understand why only certain items can go in recycling carts and glass bins.

• Prevent food waste in the first place: 7-8:30 p.m., May 24. Learn strategies for combating food waste, minimizing food spoilage, and using the food in the fridge.

• Low waste living: 7-8 p.m., May 31. Learn how to live a low waste lifestyle, including tips and resources to refuse, repair, refurbish, reuse and donate.

Pre-registration is required for all workshops.

To register, go to https://bit.ly/3lY4BXE. Participants will receive a confirmation email after successful registration. Recordings of previous workshops are also available on the Composter Recycler website.