Wednesday, March 22, 2023
March 22, 2023

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Letter: Rethink McGillivray traffic plans


I commend the city for taking down the first picture that they put up concerning the McGillivray project. It actually showed the traffic on Mill Plain turning onto Chkalov. It did mention Seventh Street. That is where the people with disabilities come out of the care facility to go to Fred Meyer. When it rains hard, that corner floods.

The new picture that they display is not accurately depicting the McGillivray road project, for you have 164th, which is a very busy street, with the cars turning east. It is my understanding that the project is west, 164th to Chkalov. Let’s be realistic and honest about the project.

Currently there is a bike lane. Why do we need a lane for those using mobility devices? The residents with disabilities are currently being served very nicely by C-Tran, which is much more convenient than a dedicated lane would be.

The only complaint that I have heard about McGillivray is that some cars think that it is a speedway. If the city really wants to improve the safety on McGillivray, why not ticket the drivers who are speeding by putting up cameras on McGillivray and thus slowing the traffic down?

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