Thursday, January 26, 2023
Jan. 26, 2023

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Scammers pretending to be Clark County deputies steal $9,000 from one victim

By , Columbian staff reporter

The Clark County Sheriff’s Office on Tuesday renewed warnings about an ongoing phone scam after one victim sent the scammers $9,000.

The callers claim to be a deputy, detective or sergeant and use employee names and real badge numbers, according to the sheriff’s office. The scammers tell people there is a warrant for their arrest, which will be served unless they pay outstanding fines.

The sheriff’s office said employees will never contact people for payment in exchange for quashing a warrant. Sheriff’s office employees will also never arrange payment directly, a news release states.

People should never provide payment over the phone or agree to meet with the caller, the sheriff’s office warns. Instead, hang up and call 911.

In one incident Tuesday evening, investigators say a victim reportedly spent five hours on the phone with someone claiming to be a detective sergeant from the sheriff’s office. The victim sent them more than $9,000 through various electronic funds transfers, the news release states.

The victim told investigators they expressed skepticism to the scammer of their legitimacy. The caller then reportedly told the victim to visit the sheriff’s office’s website and locate the agency’s phone number. The scammer then hung up and called back the victim from what appeared to be the agency’s phone number, which was also labeled Clark County Corrections.

The sheriff’s office noted it’s possible for people to clone phone numbers through certain prepaid, internet-based service providers.

The agency said investigators are aware of numerous similar reports, and deputies are continuing to investigate.