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Thursday, September 21, 2023
Sept. 21, 2023

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Letter: Support Washougal schools


As a parent, volunteer, and longtime supporter of our Washougal schools, I encourage everyone to vote yes for the replacement education programs and operations levy and replacement capital levy.

Washougal schools have caring teachers and staff who work hard every day to meet the needs of every student. While the state provides basic funding, our community expects more for our students. From excel-lent athletic programs to amazing drama productions, the work students and staff do every day is made possible by this replacement EP&O levy. Our students deserve a well-rounded education with opportunities for the arts, band, choir, drama, world languages, athletics and so much more.

Modern learning requires up-to-date technology and schools. The replacement capital levy provides necessary stable and consistent funding. It also provides support and security for the technology, too. All of this lets teachers and students focus on learning instead of worrying about unreliable or outdated technology or school facilities getting in the way.

Our Washougal community benefits from strong schools. Please join me in support of our schools by voting yes.

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