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Friday, September 29, 2023
Sept. 29, 2023

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Weather Eye: Pleasant weather continues, but it will get warmer


Our pleasant weather continues this weekend with highs in the 75- to 80-degree range. Perfect summer weather I’d say. The past three nights have been on the chilly side with lows here in the city in the low to mid-40s and of course in the 30s in those outlying colder valleys. The overnight lows will inch up to what we would normally expect in early June.

Dry weather is on the horizon and there will be zero chance of rain for a week at least. Friday marked 25 days without measurable rainfall in Vancouver; way too early to be setting lengthy dry spells. After a pleasant weekend we turn the heat up and Tuesday and Wednesday will be in the 85- to 90-degree range. I would call it hot. Warm sun worshippers rejoice.

We chatted a bit about the record weather events in Vancouver for last month earlier, but I want to give you the final wrap-up before time slips away from us. We tied the record for the warmest May with an average mean temperature of 62.7 degrees, which was set in 1958. Another record was the number of high temperatures of 80 degrees or higher with 11 days. The previous record also occurred in 1958. We had five days with 90 degrees or better, breaking the record of three days in 1931.

A new record is in the books for the most consecutive days of 80 degrees or higher, with nine days surpassing eight days in 1938. Not to be outdone, Vancouver also had four days at 90 degrees or higher, breaking the old record of two days in 2008. Vancouver’s official records go back to 1894.

On the second day of June last year Vancouver had a high temperature of 80 degrees. What was so unusual about that? It was the first 80-degree temperature of 2022. Wow. Also, on this day in June 2022 we began a three-day period of rain totaling 1 inch. It turned out to be a wet, soggy month and on the cool side. The rest of this month appears exactly the opposite, but we’ll see how the extended forecast models do.

Enjoy your warm and sunny weekend whatever you do.