Wednesday, March 22, 2023
March 22, 2023

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Letter: Hold criminals accountable


Ever have the misfortune of having your car or truck stolen? I did, last Wednesday morning. The good news is that Hood River, Ore., police officers found my truck the next day.

Yippee, right? Nope, drove to Hood River with my son to drive it back to find that it wouldn’t run, too much damage to the wiring under the dash. It cost me $265 to find this out. Towing is $113 for three blocks; impound fee $60; release fee $92.

But it gets even better: They caught the guy red-handed in my truck because I had reported it right away. He was out of jail an hour later after receiving notice of car theft, credit card fraud, and three other offenses. I haven’t found out how much it will cost to repair my vehicle yet, only that the expenses obviously will go up and the thief is in the wind leaving me no chance to sue for restitution.

Yes, this is the great state of Oregon but we all know that it isn’t any different in Washington. Why would they stop doing this? They don’t get punished. Come on … do something now!

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