Wednesday, March 22, 2023
March 22, 2023

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Letter: Time for mask mandate to go


Ms. Wick (“Keep mask mandate in health offices,” Our Readers’ Views, March 9) needs to pay attention to the daily, ever increasing medical studies that cite little to no effect that masks stop the spread of diseases.

She seems to have adapted solutions to her malady and boasts she has not been infected with COVID-19. Good for you, keep it up.

I suggest she carry her complaint one step further to her medical staff for a workable solution. Example, have the attending medical staff for her continue to wear masks when she’s around. Just a reasonable thought.

There are probably millions of Washingtonians who applaud the overdue action to delete mandatory mask requirements. Why is she insisting everyone follow her whim?

I moved here three years ago and have yet to see my doctor’s face.

Enough is enough. These people who insist on mask-wearing can wear their masks all they want. You can’t expect the rest of us to follow you.

Good for the governor and Legislature for satisfying the vast majority of Washingtonians.

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