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Saturday, September 30, 2023
Sept. 30, 2023

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Weather Eye: Rainbows in forecast, models unclear on pot of gold


As the luck of the Irish would have it, we are heading toward a mild, dry, partly sunny day for St. Patrick’s Day on Friday. Today will be sunny and perhaps Saturday, too, before we see a change in the weather.

Afternoon highs all three days will be at or near 60 degrees, which, if it occurs, will be our first 60-degree reading this calendar year. We will have easterly winds kick up today, especially in east county, that will temper those high temperatures.

With some clear skies, we could have frost on any of those days depending if you are exposed to the east winds. With clearing skies, take a gander to the east and look at all the snow on the foothills and the Cascade peaks. A winter wonderland is nearby.

As the clouds increase later Saturday, we will enter another period where moisture moves to the West Coast, mainly into California and Southern Oregon. We will be in the more tranquil area, with only passing clouds and showers on any given day but nothing at all to write home about. Plain old typical unsettled spring weather can be expected. We will throw in some sunny periods and perhaps a rainbow or two as well.

High temperatures next week will be lower than seasonal normals, which are now well into the mid-50s. If more clouds and moisture settle in on any day, that could hold highs on the chilly side as we will be under the influence of the cooler northern jet stream. More snow in the mountains next week above 2500 feet or so. I’m keeping my warm jacket handy; you may want too as well.

How about that heavy all-day rain on Monday? Vancouver recorded a record rainfall of 1.21 inches. That was a soaker and more typical of a dark cold grey December day. So far this month we are running nearly 1 inch above average. As we struggle to reach 60 degrees today, the record books show the record high for today at 78 degrees set in 1947. Wouldn’t that feel good?

In Sunday’s column I’ll share last month’s rainfall from your friends and neighbors. Be sure to come back and visit.