Tuesday, March 28, 2023
March 28, 2023

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Letter: Don’t be a Marxist or ill-informed


Disinformation, misinformation and cognitive dissonance shine when one reads “Signs of fascism are showing” (Our Readers’ Views, March 12).

Of the 14 defining traits, 13 of the defining traits as asserted accurately reflect the far left and modern Democratic Party. Two of the defining traits as asserted can reasonably be reflective of the Republican Party. Admittedly, both parties have exercised gerrymandering; but, is that a prerogative when the party is in majority?

Few definitions associate fascism as far right; but, except for that label, the traits of fascism unequivocally reflect the left except for the strong military.

Contemplate these examples: ESG ratings, usurping parental authority, governmental influence over social media (abundant and damning misinformation and disinformation examples), sometimes violently suppressing free speech even when the free speech espouses true information and data, blatant and egregious bias in the news media, COVID-19 response (think we propelled a group of citizens into an affordable housing crisis by income and job loss alone), and economic despair.

Calling your political opponent a Nazi or fascist comes from the Marxist playbook. Don’t be a Marxist or ill-informed.

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