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Friday, September 22, 2023
Sept. 22, 2023

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Letter: Thoughts on light rail, buses


A recent editorial (“Tolling on new I-5 Bridge sensible, equitable,” In Our View, April 2) states that taxing all to pay for light rail to Vancouver is unfair. “Should somebody who lives in Vancouver and works in Portland pay more for a new bridge than somebody who lives in, say, Amboy and never crosses the Interstate 5 Bridge? Fairness dictates that they should,” it states.

This is true if the only advantage is to those riding it; 11,000 daily riders is estimated. How do they currently get to Portland? Mostly driving. This would take a lot of cars off the road, equaling less rush hour traffic. Less cars equal less pollution. Besides less cars driving, those still driving would spend less time idling, so less emissions. This is a win even for those who never go to Portland.

Another writer opines “Buses best for Clark County” (Our Readers’ Views, May 8) and states we don’t need light rail. This is true. Does anyone favoring light rail believe it should be extended throughout the area? No. We just need the trains to cross the bridge. With all-day running times even more local citizens have easier access to jobs in Portland that Vancouver doesn’t have. Less people would need to move away for more job opportunities elsewhere.

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