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Thursday, September 21, 2023
Sept. 21, 2023

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Report: Washington is U.S.’s fifth-most ‘cat-crazy’ state


Americans are obsessed with their pets. Since the advent of the Internet, cats and dogs have provided an endless supply of video entertainment documenting their playful antics.

Today, our furry friends continue to be some of the most-watched subjects of online videos, with popular content sites like The Dodo, a pet-centered publication, having amassed more than 13 million online subscribers on YouTube.

A sizable portion of online searches for pets, particularly cats, come from Washingtonians. In fact, a new report from pet website Cats.com finds that the Evergreen State is the fifth-most “cat-crazy” state in the U.S.

The pet website examined pet-related factors such as the number of households that own a cat, adoption rates, number of pet supply stores and online Google searches for cats to form the overall ranking. The website gave each category a normalized score out of 10.

Cats.com utilized data available from Pawlicity Advisor, Census Business Builder, Eventbrite and Shelter Animals Count to rate each state on cat-friendliness.

The only states that ranked above Washington were Wyoming in first place, followed by Rhode Island in second, Vermont and then New Hampshire.

The cat website ranked each state in eight separate categories, as well as an overall cat-friendly score. The Evergreen State proved to be a high-end state for cat cafes, ample square footage and number of cats per household. But what pushed the state higher was the number of cat-related online searches.

Here are Washington’s results:

  • 12th: Households with one or more cats (31 percent)
  • 30th: Average cat insurance paid per month ($17.10)
  • 26th: Adoption rate (79 percent)
  • 40th: Cat-related events per million people (0.13)
  • 10th: Cat cafes per million people (0.63)
  • 2nd: Cat-related Google searches per million people (24,352)
  • 17th: Pet supplies stores per million people (59.63)
  • 10th: Average house size (2,185 square feet)

According to Cats.com, Washingtonians searched for cat-related content more than 194,000 times in the past year, or 24,352 times per million people. The most-searched related phrase were “cat memes,” which was searched around 81,000 times, and “cats for adoption” at 56,000 searches.

The cat website pooled the eight categories together to form its overall ranking, in which Washington came in at fifth with a “cat-friendly” score of 6.39 out of 10.

The most notable cat-related business in the Tacoma area is Catffeinated, a women- and LGBTQ-owned cat cafe. The shop, which relocated from Tacoma to Puyallup earlier this year, has its own lounge with a kitty playground, “Cats & Mats” yoga sessions, “Purr & Paint” art classes and a kitty book club. Local residents can also even adopt a cat from the cafe owners.