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Saturday, September 23, 2023
Sept. 23, 2023

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Letter: Keep peace from being disturbed


Amen to Ken Breun’s letter (“Crack down on noisy cars,” Our Readers’ Views, May 24) regarding the ability of the inconsiderate few to disturb the peace of the rest of the populace with their retrofitted cars intended to make as much noise as possible.

Loud, disturbing noises are a health hazard akin to second-hand smoke and should be legislated out of existence as much as is practical. In the Uptown Village neighborhood, we are at the mercy of these obnoxious cars (along with radios at outrageous decibel levels) at all hours. Where is the consensus that all of us have a right not to be disturbed by the few? It’s long past time for engine noises to be regulated at certain decibel levels and given citations if they are exceeded (and I’m looking at you, Harley riders).

Where is our local government when it comes to issues created by the few that impact the majority?

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