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Saturday, December 9, 2023
Dec. 9, 2023

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Letter: Minority rule leads to frustration


Many Americans are frustrated and angry, and I think I know why. The average American sees their country as out of control and they have zero ability to do anything about it. Joe Biden is too old to be a second-term president. Donald Trump is also too old and too evil. Yet it appears likely that’s the choice voters will have, despite repeated polls indicating they don’t want either of those men to run, let alone be president.

The majority of Americans support legal abortion, yet a minority keep forcing rules on them. A majority want meaningful gun-control laws, yet a minority prevent it. The minority are frustrated because they’re not in the majority. The majority are frustrated because they feel the minority have become the tail that wags the dog. And with tolerance and compromise gone in America, the frustration builds.

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