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Tuesday, December 5, 2023
Dec. 5, 2023

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Letter: Biden is healthy for America


I must take issue with the letter Ms. Gregg wrote to President Joe Biden (“Biden should step down,” Our Readers’ Views, Sept. 7) in which she claims that “the survival of our democracy demands” that he step down for a younger, “more vibrant candidate.”

Need I remind you that any president is as good, or bad, as a result of the people he appoints as his chief advisers and administrators. President Biden’s staff, which “looks like America,” as he had promised, consists of proven and experienced men and women, almost all of whom are at least a generation younger than him.

America lives in an increasingly dangerous world, one threatened by two authoritarian powers (China and Russia) and a host of lesser states that would do us harm. We are fortunate to have a man at the helm who has rebuilt and strengthened our alliances in Europe and Asia, especially after those ties were so badly damaged by the previous administration.

Finally, perhaps the greatest threat to America’s democratic institutions lies within our own borders. Who better than Joe Biden can assure the continuance of that government and way of life?

Oh, by the way, I celebrated my 80th birthday last autumn.

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