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Saturday,  July 13 , 2024

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News / Vitals

Vital Statistics

The Columbian
Published: September 19, 2023, 5:43am

Marriage Licenses

Chandler Allen Cooley, 23, Vancouver, and Allyson Darlene Torrey, 22, Vancouver.

Elizabet Igorevna Georgiyesh, 23, Vancouver, and Anthoney David Beltran, 25, Vancouver.

Ethan Gregory Stuckmayer, 33, Portland, and Emily Elizabeth Edwards, 31, Portland.

Giovanna Guerra, 24, Gresham, Ore., and Tanner Jack Karp, 25, Gresham.

Grace Ellen Turner, 32, Vancouver, and Daniel Edward Hecht, 31, Vancouver.

Kan To Li, 31, Vancouver, and Ya Tung Chiang, 30, Vancouver.

Kristin Makayla Judith Lara, 21, Vancouver, and Marc Robert Keeline, 21, Vancouver.

Lilia Natasha Braden, 24, Vancouver, and Benjamin Samuel McDonald, 27, Vancouver.

Logan Elizabeth Gore, 35, Vancouver, and Anthony James McGee Jr., 38, Vancouver.

Lorraine Faye Anderson, 64, Battle Ground, and Paul Alan Wyatt, 67, Battle Ground.

Lukas Michael Borsten, 35, Portland, and Alexandria Leigh Hungerford, 33, Portland.

Mark Alan Spiegelberg, 32, Washougal, and Rebekah Aimee Van Bronckhorst, 26, Washougal.

Olivia Randall Gaylord, 31, Portland, and Devin James Brown, 35, Portland.

Sarah Anne Barnes, 32, Bremerton, and Christopher Jerome Wasson, 33, Woodland.

Tevin Tyler Atkinson, 26, La Center, and Emma Arden Tucker, 25, La Center.

Zackory Tylor Kelly, 29, Vancouver, and Mirella Kalani, 27, Vancouver.

Marriage Dissolutions


Brooke Elaine and Jack Andrew Louman.

Christopher D. and Kristi Sutherland. Respondent’s name changed to Kristi L. Beebe.

Lisa Marie and Kevin Michael Thompson.

Mavis and Maverick David Blackwood.

Morgan Ra’nae and Nicolas Scott Hughson. Petitioner’s name changed to Morgan Ranae Atchley.

Peter Carson Steed and Joseph W. Pereira.

Sydney and Joshua Kambeitz. Petitioner’s name changed to Sydney Lynn Castor and Respondent’s name changed to Stacy Janine Kambeitz.

Tony and Heather Sahli. Respondent’s name changed to Heather Govia.


Bruno A. Zamorano and Francisca J. Ibaceta Alvarado.

Cynthia Nichole and Michael Donald Betance.

Dawn Georgeader and Derrick Pendergrass.

Dean Jason and Heidi Jane Cahoon.

Laura J. and Jason Douglas Watson.

Sara and Gerardo Merlo Chalot.