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Sunday, December 3, 2023
Dec. 3, 2023

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Letter: Paraeducators are essential


For two years, Evergreen School District leadership has failed to fill over 100 open paraeducator positions that are critically needed to make schools safe and preserve an orderly classroom environment where all kids can learn. Paraeducators work in the classroom alongside special needs students that are often disruptive and sometimes violent. Teachers have been assaulted and many have retired early because of school district leadership’s failure to do their jobs.

The district administrator’s tone-deaf response to a grievance filed by the union took a flight of fancy, completely ignoring the subject of safety in the classroom. To quote their response: “Imagine you entered into a contract with a person to put a new roof on your house …” It goes on to try and guilt the teachers into returning to work.

I ask the district administrators this: What would you do if you were a roofer and your boss told you, “you don’t get any safety equipment, people will interrupt you all day, oh by the way, some of your customers may decide to assault you.” That’s why teachers went on strike.

Thankfully, our dedicated teachers are back to work, and now, district leadership needs to find another job.

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