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Saturday, December 2, 2023
Dec. 2, 2023

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Letter: Sometimes wars are necessary


It’s not surprising that Joe Kent uses Russian talking points in his op-ed (“U.S. position cruel, irresponsible,” The Columbian, Sept. 19). Yes, the death toll is tragic. That is what happens in war. Ceding territory to Russian aggression would only embolden Vladimir Putin to take more until Ukraine no longer exists. Kent ignores the fact that Ukraine has retaken about half the land Russia invaded.

Kent states Russian forces are superior (questionable “fact”) so Ukraine should fold under pressure. Suppose the U.S. had given up to the British who were better armed and funded. Mr. Kent missed the fact that Russian troops are terrorizing and murdering Ukrainian civilians. He seems to believe Russia will honor peace talks. Doubtful since they have already reneged on wheat shipment promises.

The United States and allies have set a path for NATO membership and Ukraine is working toward that. No magic wand will end hostilities. Sometimes wars are necessary to accomplish peace.

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