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Thursday,  July 25 , 2024

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Check It Out: Buzzworthy – mind the bees’ wax

By Jan Johnston
Published: June 1, 2024, 6:05am

Pollinator Week is taking place this month, so I’m taking a moment to bee happy about bees and celebrate these amazing buzzers! Bees are busy right now and for a very good reason — pollination. Without these important pollinators, our food supply would be impacted, and flowering plants would not be able to reproduce. Of course, bees are not the only pollinators, but stories of honey bee decline continue to make the news. Mother Nature depends on these hard workers, and we certainly want to keep Mother Nature happy. This is one of those areas where minding your own beeswax isn’t good; you need to mind the bees’ wax.

Today’s reading list is truly buzz-worthy.

I could try to wax eloquent about the life of a bee, but I know my limits. Instead, here are six titles that will inform and delight readers looking for insight into the hive mentality of workers and queens.

Did you know that honey bees dance? As far as I’m concerned, that’s the bee’s knees of bee facts.

  • “Bee People and the Bugs They Love” by Frank Mortimer.
  • “Beekeeper’s Lab: 52 Family-Friendly Activities and Experiments Exploring the Life of the Hive” by Kim Lehman.
  • “Common Bees of Western North America” by Olivia Messinger Carril and Joseph S. Wilson.
  • “A Honeybee Heart Has Five Openings: A Year of Keeping Bees” by Helen Jukes.
  • “The Little Book of Bees: An Illustrated Guide to the Extraordinary Lives of Bees” written by Hilary Kearney, illustrated by Amy Holliday.
  • “The Lives of Bees: The Untold Story of the Honey Bee in the Wild” by Thomas D. Seeley.