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Tuesday,  July 16 , 2024

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Weather Eye: Get outdoor chores done, because rainy weather is on its way

By Patrick Timm
Published: June 1, 2024, 6:00am

Welcome to the summer month of June, at least for us weather and climate folks. Others follow the calendar. Regardless, we enjoy one last day today of fair weather before the skies darken and moderate rain falls later Sunday. The rain intensity will increase Sunday night, and some potent showers will prevail on Monday, with a chance of thunderstorms, too. A couple of wet days indeed.

Do you remember how the first four days of May turned out weather-wise? Vancouver recorded over 1½ inches of rain in the first four days of the month. Likewise, in the first four days of June, we will repeat that scenario. The atmospheric river of sorts will usher in mild temperatures, so this time around it won’t be chilly rain.

Still, highs should remain in the 60s both Sunday and Monday. We keep a risk of a rain shower Tuesday, but high pressure builds inland for a dry and warming trend later next week. We have been chatting about forecast charts showing hot weather late next week, and that has been an up-and-down prospect. As of this writing, I would venture to say we have a 50-50 chance of reaching the 90s by Friday or Saturday. Take your pick which 50 percent side you are on.

For the month of May, Vancouver measured 2.41 inches of rain, a little less than a tenth of an inch below average. The average mean temperature was about one-half degree below normal. Overall, a typical May. For the calendar year, Vancouver has recorded 21.17 inches of rain, compared to the normal of 17.46 inches, so we are doing well in that category.

Our average rainfall in June really drops off: The normal amount is 1.61 inches. Last June, however, it was wet, with 3.22 inches recorded. Of that amount, 1.30 inches fell in only one day, June 10. It is entirely possible that during the upcoming rainy period of Sunday through Tuesday, we could get the entire normal monthly rain.

Get outdoor chores accomplished today; we’ll switch to indoor projects Sunday and Monday. Take good care, everyone.