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Tuesday,  July 23 , 2024

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Letter: Questions for candidates

By David Milne, LACEY
Published: June 12, 2024, 6:00am

The Republican candidates for the 3rd Congressional District seat, if elected, are planning on taking office with Donald Trump as president. If so, they will have the easiest job that ever existed. Just warm the House chair and vote “no” every time Trump demands it. (“Yes” could get them death threats and they know it.)

But Trump won’t be the president. He’ll lose the popular American vote by millions, as he did in 2016 and 2020. If he also loses the electoral vote and fails to force himself into the White House by violence, lies, and legal chicanery (as in 2020), then our elected GOP representatives will face legislation from the Biden agenda.

So we voters need to know. Would our GOP representatives vote to . . .

1) Fully restore the rights of women to abortion services? 2) Support NATO and Ukraine in their defense of Europe against Russia? 3) Devise a pathway to American citizenship for immigrants brought to America as children? 4) Expand the Supreme Court and impose term limits on all justices? 5) Fully restore the Voting Rights Act? 6) Guarantee women’s access to mifepristone (the medical abortion drug)?

Yes or no, Joe and Leslie?

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