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Sunday,  July 14 , 2024

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Fishing report: Summer crabbing set to commence in Puget Sound on July 1

By Columbian news services
Published: June 15, 2024, 5:55am

The Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife (WDFW) announced Wednesday Puget Sound summer crab-fishing seasons will get underway July 1 in many marine areas.

Columbia River and tributary fishery reports

Lower Columbia River from Rocky Point/Tongue Point line upstream to Bonneville Dam, there were 357 salmonid boats and 362 Washington bank rods tallied during the June 8 flight count.



Sec 1 (Bonneville) — 217 bank anglers kept 22 Chinook, 10 jacks, released 14 Chinook and one steelhead.

Sec 2 (Camas/Washougal) — 16 boats/28 rods kept one Chinook.

Sec 4 (Vancouver) — 101 bank anglers kept seven Chinook, released four Chinook and one steelhead; 19 boats/31 rods kept four Chinook, one jack and released one Chinook and one steelhead.

Sec 5 (Woodland) — 47 bank anglers released one steelhead; 14 boats/31 rods released one Chinook and one steelhead.

Sec 6 (Kalama) — 64 bank anglers kept five Chinook, one jack and released two Chinook; 3 boats/6 rods kept one Chinook.

Sec 7 (Cowlitz) — Five boats/11 rods had no catch.

Sec 8 (Longview) — 145 bank anglers kept one Chinook, 19 steelhead and released two two steelhead; 63 boats/139 rods kept 13 Chinook, two jacks, 37 steelhead and released four Chinook, two steelhead and two sockeye.

Sec 9 (Cathlamet) — 20 bank anglers kept three steelhead; 7 boats/16 rods kept two Chinook, one jack and three steelhead.

Sec 10 (Cathlamet) — Eight bank anglers had no catch. 2 boats/5 rods kept one Chinook.


Sec 6 (Kalama) — One boat/two rods released one legal and two oversize sturgeon.


Sec 1 (Bonneville) — 50 bank anglers kept 214 shad; six boats/19 rods kept 346 shad and released 94 shad.

Sec 6 (Kalama) — Two boats/two rods had no catch.

Sec 8 (Longview) — Five boats/nine rods kept 63 shad.



Cowlitz River I-5 bridge downstream — 27 bank rods had no catch.

Cowlitz River above the I-5 bridge — 12 bank rods had no catch; six boats/16 rods kept two Chinook and five steelhead.

Kalama River — One bank rod had no catch.



Bonneville pool — two boats/four rods with two walleye kept.

The Dalles pool — 19 boats/53 rods with 179 walleye kept and 45 released.

John Day pool — 29 boats/75 rods with 132 walleye kept and 22 released.

Sturgeon (catch and release only)

Bonneville pool — two boats/four rods with four sublegals, 22 legal and 42 oversize sturgeon released.

The Dalles pool — two boats/seven rods with three sublegals, nine legal and five oversize sturgeon released.

John Day pool — one boat/two rods with one sublegal released.