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Tuesday,  July 16 , 2024

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Weather Eye: Fair weather abounds after skies clear Wednesday

By Patrick Timm, Columbian freelance columnist
Published: May 28, 2024, 6:00am

We managed to get through the long holiday weekend without any measurable rain officially here in Vancouver. Some of you I know received a few hundredths of an inch mostly on Saturday but overall, it was a pleasant weekend. Great for working outside and I got a lot of yard work accomplished. Not too warm or too cold, perfect weather.

We have another weak weather system skirting by to our north today and Wednesday for a few brief showers. I don’t expect much as in the previous disturbances that have passed by. The bulk of the rain will be north of Clark County but rain gauges around the area could measure a tenth of an inch or a quarter-inch in the wetter areas. Hardly enough to assist in watering the lawn or garden.

Later Wednesday, skies begin to clear and Thursday through the weekend looks like fair weather abounds and highs will reside at 70 or 75 degrees. Normal is 71 degrees so I guess we will experience “normal” late May and early June weather.

As of Monday, the month is exactly average as far as statistics go with the average mean temperature and rainfall right where they should be. Imagine, a typical May. It seems like our months weather-wise are usually above or below normal in some aspects.

I know we all enjoy a clear and precise weather forecast but with that cool jet stream still haunting us close by to the north, you’ll hear the words Thursday through Sunday like these: “Partly sunny, partly cloudy, mostly sunny and mostly clear.” I believe it all translates to fair weather.

Columbian freelance columnist