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Wednesday,  July 24 , 2024

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Weather Eye: Enjoy stretch of fair weather through Saturday

By Patrick Timm, Columbian freelance columnist
Published: May 30, 2024, 6:02am

The trough of low pressure that moved through our local area on Tuesday and Wednesday carried heavier showers than I anticipated. About a third to one-half inch of rain was reported around the county. Vancouver is now wetter than average and cooler than average for the month. Not by much but the tide changed these past few days.

The last two days of May will see no rain and as the thermometer rises and the water stops falling from the sky, May will end up close to normal. Nothing exciting weather-wise this month — nice and quiet like most people favor.

Although forecast models kept the odds of rain showers low Wednesday, if you lived in the north county, they were relentless at times. The sun would burst out and then a dark cloud would eclipse the bright orb in the sky and moderate rain fell. OK, I’m not complaining, only observing.

We will enjoy a nice three-day stretch of fair weather with highs in the 70s today through Saturday. Clouds will be on the increase as yet another cool trough of low pressure from the Gulf of Alaska pays us a visit. It will drop far enough south to draw moist air from the southwest Pacific. If it works out as forecast charts indicate, we could receive 1 inch of rain from some time Sunday through Monday.

Beyond that, some models still want to induce some rather warm air from the Four Corners region pushing our highs well into the 80s later next week. Maybe 90 degrees? I’m not placing any bets that far out, but the overall trend is for warm and dry weather after the soaking rains heading our way. I have a feeling June will be somewhat unpredictable and most likely a couple of hot spells which have been the trend for the past several years.

I forgot to mention in Tuesday’s column that on May 28 our highest temperature for the month of May occurred in 1983 at 99 degrees. I recorded 102 degrees at my house in Hazel Dell.

I remember it was so hot the southbound Interstate Bridge remained about 6 inches in the up position after a bridge lift due to the expansion of steel. Fire boats came and hosed it down to cool things off.

Columbian freelance columnist