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Best Testosterone Boosters 2022 – For Energy, Motivation & Focus

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Your twenties were full of vigor—you had an unmistakable zest for living, and it showed in all areas of your life. Your gym results, your relationships, and your career. While your ambitions remain, your drive may have started waning. Suddenly, it feels like you’re running out of gas in every area of your life and no matter how much you try, you just can’t rev the engine the way you used to.

You’ve heard of testosterone boosters, but can you believe the hype? The answer is yes. Now, be warned that not all testosterone supplements are created with clinically studied ingredients. To find the best testosterone booster, you must take a deep dive into the ingredients list of these supplements. We took care of the groundwork for you and present the three best testosterone booster supplements that can get you over the hump of aging and feeling half your age.

3 Best Testosterone Booster Supplements

  1. Testogen – Best Testosterone Booster
  2. TestoFuel – Honorable Mention
  3. Prime Male – Customer Favorite

What Health Issues Can Low Testosterone Levels Cause?

Low testosterone levels can cause several health issues. You can expect to experience a complete drop in your energy levels if your testosterone production is low. These lowered energy levels affect every aspect of your life, including your motivation and commitment to regular exercise. If you’re not regularly exercising, you’ll start to gain unwanted weight and lose muscle mass. The unwanted weight then leads to blood pressure problems, and you may even see a spike in your blood sugar levels, especially if you’re not sticking to a clean diet. It’s a ripple effect when you have low testosterone levels. Everything starts to go downhill, including your libido, your sense of self, and your confidence. With all this happening at once, a storm is created that impacts not just your physical health, but your mental health as well.

3 Best Testosterone Booster Supplements – Reviews

1. Testogen – Best Testosterone Booster

1 - Testogen


  • Complete testosterone support
  • 100% safe and natural ingredients
  • Just four capsules per day
  • Improves energy and performance


  • Product only available for purchase online

How It Helps

Testogen helps to boost testosterone levels naturally, which reverses the symptoms of low T. This supplement contains several science-backed ingredients, including D-aspartic acid, fenugreek extract, vitamin D3, zinc, Korean red ginseng extract, and several other key ingredients that increase your testosterone by 42% in just 12 days.

You can rest easy knowing that the formula for this testosterone boosting supplement is filler and chemical-free, GMO-free, soy-free, gluten and dairy-free, and even caffeine-free. Testogen sets itself apart from the many false promises you find online from companies that have no scientific evidence to support their claims. Instead, they focus on improving muscle growth, boosting your energy, and increasing your performance through 100% natural ingredients that have been extensively researched and are backed by solid and credible scientific data. You can find each one of their ingredients in reputable academic journals, which means you can benefit from a solid formula that provides results without any risks or side effects.

With just four capsules every day, you can safely boost testosterone levels and slow the conversion of testosterone to estrogen. The expertly crafted formula for this best testosterone booster naturally contains natural antioxidants along with the primary ingredient, D-aspartic acid, which has been shown in plenty of clinical studies to increase your luteinizing hormone levels tremendously—in mere weeks.

Not only are you able to boost testosterone levels, but this formula is also perfect for slowing the conversion of testosterone into estrogen. As you age, this conversion is a natural process. However, you can slow down the conversion to keep your testosterone levels higher for longer.

About the Company

Testogen was started with a single purpose to help adult men of all ages expertly deal with the physical and emotional challenges that come with low testosterone levels. Many men experience symptoms like low energy levels, which impact not just the way you’re able to focus on important tasks, but also how you’re able to show up for your family and how you can challenge yourself at the gym. Many men also have trouble with building or maintaining lean muscle mass and, usually, coping with unwanted weight gain as well. One of the most distressing symptoms of low testosterone levels includes a rapidly declining libido.

Knowing just how much these challenges can completely alter the quality of life for men, Testogen was created to provide a natural testosterone booster supplement men can count on. Testosterone production changes as you grow older and low testosterone levels is not something that you have to just cope with. Instead of suffering in silence, you can count on one of the best testosterone booster supplements available on the market today.

Aside from providing a well-researched supplement to boost testosterone naturally, Testogen also commits to their customers. Their testosterone boosters are manufactured in FDA-approved facilities using only the most effective ingredients. Additionally, they offer a 100-day money-back guarantee, so you have plenty of time to test their testosterone boosters and see the difference for yourself.

They also work with a team of health consultants, nutrition experts, and fitness professionals to deliver top-notch guidance on healthy living, including exercise, diet, and nutrition tips directly on their online blog.

What Customers Say

You never have to take a company’s word for it when considering supplements. Instead, you can read through verified buyer reviews that detail their experiences with Testogen’s testosterone boosters.

For example, Franco from the United States is excited to share that his energy levels are higher than ever. He had a particular set of goals when deciding to try this testosterone boosting supplement. He primarily wanted to regain the motivation and energy levels that staying in great shape requires and he also wanted to improve recovery time between his workouts. After just one month of using this testosterone booster, his energy levels have completely changed, primarily in the morning. He’s experienced reduced muscle soreness, and he has more muscle mass and definition.

Cale from Australia decided to try this testosterone booster because he wanted more energy as he worked to get active again. After seven weeks of consistently using this supplement, he shares that he is significantly more energetic, even after work. He has been able to maintain a regular schedule of training five days a week while still having the energy needed to be present for family dinners. His overall confidence has increased dramatically.

A final example is Brent in the United States. Not only does he feel better than ever, but he also looks better than ever. He had a primary goal to reverse the symptoms of low testosterone levels and improve his performance at the gym. He decided to test out Testogen testosterone boosters and after one month, he has more energy for his day-to-day responsibilities, he looks and feels younger, and he has noticed improved performance during his workouts.

Final Thoughts

It’s easy to see why we placed Testogen at the top of this list. This testosterone boosting supplement delivers improved energy levels, improved performance, muscle growth, improved libido, and fat loss all neatly packaged into a bottle. You get complete wellness support that boosts your natural testosterone production for improved male health and only requires you to take four capsules per day. The ingredients list is completely clean, with nutrients backed by clinical studies. You’ll only see a single payment on your credit card, and you also qualify for free worldwide shipping, no matter how much you order. If you feel ready to get your energy back, improve your focus, build lean muscle mass and feel strong, healthy, and confident again, Testogen is one of the best testosterone booster supplements available on the market today.

Learn more at

2. TestoFuel – Honorable Mention

2 - Testofuel


  • Worldwide shipping available
  • Increases strength
  • Improves your mood
  • Buy three months, get one free


  • For men who are currently taking any medications, you should first consult with your medical provider

How It Helps

TestoFuel is a unique formula that contains natural testosterone boosters like D-aspartic acid (a key luteinizing hormone), vitamin D, and oyster extract. This formula is designed to give your body what it needs to grow. This is considered one of the best testosterone booster supplements because it has 100% natural ingredients, and its formula has recently been updated to incorporate ingredients from the latest studies. This testosterone booster isn’t piled with ingredients from clinical studies conducted years ago. Instead, they’ve created a natural testosterone production booster that makes use of the most beneficial ingredients.

TestoFuel’s testosterone boosters provide you with more energy, fast recovery, and can easily help you build up muscle mass and transform your physique. All their ingredients are completely natural and safe, yet they pack a punch. With this testosterone booster, you’ll notice your testosterone production increase quickly. It works by helping your body release its testosterone, which means you don’t have to take any actual testosterone and experience the risks associated with that.

If you’re working hard at the gym and not seeing the results you used to see in your younger years, it’s likely because of low testosterone levels. All those small tears in your muscle fibers need to be repaired and they can’t regenerate if you don’t have adequate testosterone levels. Higher testosterone levels mean you get to recover more quickly in between your workouts, which keeps you in the best shape.

Aside from helping with testosterone production, this testosterone booster also increases growth hormone levels, which means you see more gains more quickly. Ultimately, this testosterone booster combines an increase in testosterone production along with an increase in growth hormone to help you get the body you envision.

About the Company

TestoFuel was developed to help you with your bodybuilding goals. It’s ideal for anyone age 18 and up who is looking to increase or sustain lean body muscle mass. If you’re an athlete or a bodybuilder, this testosterone booster is the ideal counterpart to help you speed up your gains.

TestoFuel has a revolutionary formula that has been exhaustively researched to make sure you can build up muscle mass naturally. It increases testosterone production by providing you with exactly the right nutrients you need that result in real muscle growth, increased strength, and reduced body fat.

TestoFuel is used by well-known bodybuilders, including Robby Robinson a.k.a. Mr. lifestyle. TestoFuel has the formula that helps you reach your goals without any of the harmful effects of steroids. They offer fast delivery with discreet shipping and 128-bit security on all orders.

What Customers Say

Customers rave from all over the globe. Just take a look at TestoFuel’s homepage and you’ll see a full gallery of happy customers confidently sharing their gains.

Brenon in the US shares some before and after photos, commenting that he could not be more satisfied with his experience taking these testosterone-boosting supplements. In only three months, he saw a massive difference, noting that he first noticed the change around week three. He kept getting bigger and stronger every week with TestoFuel’s testosterone boosters.

Ian from the US had a similar experience, starting without any real muscle definition. At month three, his body is completely chiseled and at month four, he’s grown even bigger. He says he started feeling amazing in the gym, noticing that his mind and muscle connection had significantly improved. He also comments that it’s a natural mood enhancer in both the bedroom and the weight room.

Cyrus in the UK started taking this testosterone booster at age 52. His primary goal was to increase his energy levels, become more muscular, and experience the increased confidence that comes along with those changes. Although he was skeptical, he decided to commit to these testosterone boosters and in only two months, he noticed massive gains in muscle mass along with an improved mood and libido.

Final Thoughts

TestoFuel has an updated formula that doesn’t include any caffeine or other stimulants. The mood boost and energy boost happen naturally with this testosterone booster. The ingredients are clinically proven and all it takes is a few scrolls to recognize that the men who have chosen TestoFuel to boost their testosterone levels naturally are more than satisfied. A few before and after photos and you’re able to see not just the physical changes but also the change in the way the men stand and the way they feel about themselves. Offering plenty of information on their product and on the effects of low testosterone levels, the TestoFuel website makes it easy for you to navigate, learning how it works while also getting a complete description of each ingredient used in their formula.

Learn more at

3. Prime Male – Customer Favorite

3 - Prime Male


  • Releases “t-troops” into your bloodstream
  • Only 12 ingredients
  • Save by combining offers
  • Clinically proven testosterone boosters


  • Discounts are unavailable except for when you bundle supplements

How It Helps

Prime Male is a 100% natural testosterone booster supplement that contains 12 clinically proven testosterone boosters. Some of those ingredients include D-aspartic acid, black pepper, boron, Korean red ginseng extract, and luteolin.

Prime Male is formulated to release testosterone into your bloodstream so that you can enjoy better energy, increase libido, and more strength. If you’re feeling like you’re ready to turn back the clock, you can start to feel like a man half your age with this supplement.

Carefully combining 12 ingredients, Prime Male calls their formula the “anti-aging dirty dozen.” This combination is the safest and fastest way to eradicate low testosterone levels along with all its unfortunate symptoms. If you’re tired of feeling exhausted, of losing muscle mass, and feeling disinterested in the bedroom, Prime Male is one of the best testosterone boosters to get you back on track.

Prime Male tackles the most pressing barriers to healthy testosterone production: 1) luteinizing hormone, 2) sex hormone globulin, and 3) estrogen and prolactin.

About the Company

Prime Male offers worldwide shipping so no matter where you are, you can raise your testosterone levels and change your whole life. This formula is designed to help you build lean muscle, shift your libido into high gear, and shed excess weight. To save on your purchase, you can combine their testosterone boosters and enjoy fast delivery.

The formula for their testosterone booster is designed to have you sexually active again, feeling healthy, and feeling energetic, so you can handle anything from tough gym workouts to chasing after your kids. If you can remember how you were in your teens and your 20s, you know that aging comes with a lot of slowing down. You may even have developed some cardiovascular or blood sugar problems.

This anti-aging formula can help you even if you aren’t going crazy at the gym. With their intentionally selected ingredients, your testosterone levels are boosted into the range you enjoyed five, 10, and even 20 years ago. Instead of packing their formula with huge doses of essential vitamins and minerals, this formula contains just 12 testosterone boosters backed by extensive clinical research in the most optimal daily dosages. They take the guesswork out of it so that you can boost testosterone levels by 42% in just two weeks.

What Customers Say

Customers use Prime Male for a variety of reasons. For example, Maxx in the US needed testosterone boosters because he had been dealing with low testosterone levels for six years. Even though he took testosterone shots, they didn’t help. However, in just two weeks of using Prime Male, not only does he feel that this testosterone booster supplement saved his life, but it also saved his marriage.

Moses, another verified customer, had been thin throughout his entire life. Even though he had consistently been working out, he was unable to bulk up. With Prime Male’s natural testosterone boosters, Moses is getting real results in the gym. Although he recognizes that he has to put in work to make a difference in his muscle mass, Prime Male makes it so that his workout isn’t in vain.

Final Thoughts

Overall, Prime Male makes this list because it focuses on natural testosterone boosters that can completely alter your quality of life. Low testosterone levels mean that you’re not the man you used to be, with symptoms like finding sex unappealing, difficulty with concentration, sugar and blood pressure through the roof, and feeling out of shape. If you’ve lost your vigor, you can get on board with the many satisfied Prime Male customers who cannot just feel the difference, but see the difference.

Learn more at

Why Did These 3 Testosterone Supplements Make Our List?

As we said, we took our time developing this list for you. There are a few different factors we considered when selecting these top three testosterone boosting supplements, and they include:

  • Customer Satisfaction Guarantee

Whether it’s a 30-day money-back guarantee or a 100-day money-back guarantee, we chose testosterone boosters that back up their promises and create a long list of happy customers.

  • High-Quality, Natural Ingredients

No supplement can be high quality if the ingredients list isn’t impeccable. We chose testosterone boosters that clearly outline their formulas and let you know why they chose to use each one. Expect everything on this list to be scientifically backed.

  • Company Reputation

Reputation is everything. We selected companies that not only have tons of positive reviews but that have been around for a while, with a commitment to updating their formulas with ingredients backed by the latest research.

What to Look for When Buying Testosterone Boosters

If you only take one note from our suggestions on what to look for when buying a high-quality set of testosterone boosting supplements, it’s to always check the ingredients list. Although clever marketing might fool some people, when you know to search for clinically studied Ingredients, you can’t go wrong with your testosterone-boosting supplement.

Just as you watch what you eat, you should only choose the highest quality testosterone supplements that have natural ingredients at optimal dosages. One of the first things you should always do is click on the ingredients tab to review each of the nutrients included in the testosterone booster. You’ll get a list of ingredients along with a reason why each nutrient is included in the formula. Make sure that there are no fillers or chemicals included in the formula and that you’re only getting a clean and safe product.

Another important aspect for you to turn your attention to is customer reviews and testimonials. Although you may get swayed by the many promises a company makes, take the time to review what other men who are in a similar boat as you think. Usually, you’ll find a gallery of before and after photos of real customers who are happy to share the results with other men looking for the same. Ultimately, the details included in reviews and testimonials can help you make the best decision for your set of needs.

The internet is riddled with fly-by-night companies just trying to make some fast money. Don’t get swindled. Look for a company that has a strong reputation. A 60 or 100-day money-back guarantee helps too. Another thing to consider is whether your favorite supplement is only sold online or if it’s offered in stores. Other companies might create dupes of your favorite product so make sure that you’re only ever purchasing directly from the source. With all of this in mind, you can find the best testosterone supplements that completely change your quality of life.

Benefits of Taking Testosterone Boosting Supplements

Testosterone-boosting supplements impact your life by immediately counteracting all the symptoms of low testosterone levels. You’ll notice that your sex drive is improved, which improves your relationship with the person you’re with. You’ll also notice that your lean muscle mass increases. This lean muscle mass is directly impacted by your testosterone levels. When you get older, your testosterone starts converting to estrogen, which means you develop unsightly body fat that makes you feel insecure. With a good natural testosterone booster, all of that is reversed. With good testosterone production, you’re able to get back in the gym with increased energy, stronger bones, and the motivation you need to clean up your physique.

You’ll also notice that you can focus more. Potent testosterone levels help to combat the development of cognitive diseases like Alzheimer’s. With higher testosterone levels, not only do you combat cognitive diseases, but you also experience greater focus throughout your days. If you’ve been experiencing a foggy mind at work, if you’ve been forgetting important dates like birthdays and anniversaries, and if you’ve been having a tough time focusing and concentrating on reps at the gym, you’ll notice that when you have increased testosterone production, you develop that hyper-focused state you used to enjoy your 20s.

Ways to Enhance Natural Testosterone Booster Supplements

To complement testosterone boosting supplements, you can also practice other natural ways of reversing your low testosterone levels. For one, exercise and lifting weights are fantastic for boosting your testosterone production. Your diet is also an important component that affects testosterone levels. Make sure you’re eating plenty of protein, fat, and carbs. Track your macros to keep yourself on track. Along with getting stress out at the gym, also work to reduce your cortisol levels through mindfulness practices. Incorporate a steady sleep schedule and plenty of laughter to keep your testosterone levels high.

Potential Side Effects of Natural Testosterone Boosters

So long as you use high-quality natural testosterone booster supplements as directed, it’s unlikely you’ll notice any uncomfortable side effects. However, you must know that testosterone supplements do have potential side effects, and they include:

  • Oily skin
  • Acne
  • Increased body hair
  • Minor fluid retention

Make sure that you don’t take more of the product than necessary to prevent any potentially hazardous side effects. If you use testosterone supplements for an extended period, you may notice that you develop these side effects more easily. If you experience any unusual side effects, make sure to connect with your doctor for personalized, professional guidance.


Boost testosterone levels with natural testosterone boosters that offer up to a 100-day money-back guarantee. When products are effective at boosting testosterone levels, the customer satisfaction guarantee is generous. Make the most out of aging with the support you can only get from expertly formulated testosterone boosters. So long as you commit to taking them consistently and incorporating the diet and exercise you need, you’ll be shocked by your results—and you’ll wonder why you didn’t try these products sooner.

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