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May 21, 2022

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Reverse Email Lookup: Find Out Who Email Addresses Belong to

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There are many reasons why you might want to find out who is behind a particular email account. It could be because you’re sending a private message and don’t want to end up sending it to the wrong person. On the other hand, it could be that you want to find out who is emailing you. 

How can you solve these issues? You can do a reverse email search using a reverse email lookup provider, just like you can lookup anonymous calls with reverse phone lookup sites

There are quite a few reverse email look-up service providers on the market. However, it can be challenging to find the right one. Today, we are looking at some of the best reverse email lookup tools for you to try. 

Best reverse email lookup tools


Site Best For
Instant Checkmate Overall best email lookup tool
Intelius Best for national and international court records
Truthfinder Best with a vast database 
PublicSeek  Best with a robust search algorithm
CocoFinder Best free for basic information


Instant Checkmate

Instant checkmate is a public record search service that allows you to perform background checks, phone numbers lookup, and email searches. It can help you find information online about the people you are interested in, including future employees, business partners, or potential customers. 

An email search on Instant Checkmate can reveal the name, photos, previous jobs, possible addresses, other known email addresses, possible usernames on websites, social media accounts, among others, because Instant Checkmate has access to billions of public records and information about people and businesses. 

To perform a reverse email address search, you need to create an account on the website. Once your account is created, the email lookup tool follows the basic procedure to enter an email address in the search bar and get a report in a few minutes. 

Instant Checkmate offers a five-day trial for $2. After that, you can subscribe to a monthly plan which gives you unlimited search access. 


  • Access to billions of public records
  • Other search tools like background checks and phone number search
  • Affordable trial period


  • You need to create an account to perform a search
  • Pricy subscription plans


Intelius is an easy-to-use interface that allows you to find your target without any need for technical information quickly. The reverse email lookup service will discover the phone numbers and social media handles of the person you’re looking for with accuracy. 

If there’s someone who constantly emails you to offer any kind of job or opportunity, but you’re not sure if it’s genuine or fake, you can use Intelius. Enter the email address, and the platform automatically starts putting records of their background information and real identity together in a detailed report. 

Intelius has massive database connections, and you can easily find the oldest records of the person behind the email address. This platform is much more accurate than others due to its link with national and international court records and database directories. 

 You can take advantage of the cheap trial that you can use and test the service before subscribing to a monthly plan. 


  • Huge database
  • Detailed personal information, including older records
  • Cheap trial offer


  • Confusing pricing plan
  • Sneaky pricing practices


TruthFinder is a trustworthy background check service for finding information about a person’s identity. All your searches are 100% anonymous, and all they require from you is a name or email address to perform a search. 

TruthFinder pulls information from their massive database that contains about 150 million records. These records are filled with personal details on approximately 85% of adults in the US. That’s quite a lot of records, so if you’re looking for information about people you know or don’t know, this is a perfect reverse email lookup tool to try.

An email search on TruthFinder will give you access to relevant information such as email addresses, phone numbers, home addresses, and the person’s date of birth you’re trying to get information on. Unfortunately, this email address lookup tool isn’t free and requires you to pay up to use their services. However, a subscription can allow you to perform a background check and unlock more information.


  • 100% anonymous
  • Massive database
  • Subscribing allows you to perform background checks to unlock more information.


  • Need to pay
  • It takes some time to deliver results


PublicSeek is a background check company that uses a powerful search engine algorithm that searches public records for information. Their reverse search can present you with an easy-to-understand report of the email address holder. 

This platform allows you to do a reverse lookup on the target person based on different information, including email addresses, names, and phone numbers. However, reports may vary depending on the information and type of search you perform.  

Many websites, businesses, and social media platforms require an email address to create an account. Their reverse email address lookup feature can provide you with information on the email sender. The information you receive is pieced together from a database of social media profiles and reputable websites. 

PublicSeek has three plans for you to choose from. You can test the platform by trying the one-day trial for $1. After that, you can subscribe to the monthly or bi-monthly plan.  


  • It uses a powerful search engine algorithm to find information
  • Offers various lookup services
  • $1 one day trial


  • Need to subscribe for a report
  • Reports cannot be used for commercial purposes as it does not meet Consumer Reporting Agency requirements.


CocoFinder is another public record search service company that provides several lookup tools with an easy-to-use interface. Their email lookup tool can help you find data such as the first and last name of the email account holder, their nickname, social media profiles, full current address, phone numbers, photos, etc. Best of all, this platform allows you to perform a free email search.

This free email address search provider has accumulated more than 300 million email addresses from public domains, making it a genuine search directory to find an email address across any domain. This email search engine will help you identify any domain name or web address by compiling all available contacts found in their database into one listing. 

CoCoFinder provides basic information, and there is an option to subscribe to unlock more.


  • Free reverse email lookup
  • User-friendly
  • Provides an email address lookup service for all domain names or web addresses


  • It may take a while to generate a report
  • Need to pay to unlock more information


SpyDialer is an entirely free service provider that offers a free reverse email lookup solution to your problem when looking up an unknown email address. You can use it to search for people using their reverse phone lookup, email lookup, address, or first and last name search feature.

Simply head to the website, and you’re greeted with the search bar with the 4 categories at the top. Head to the email tab, and enter the person’s email address in the search bar. Within minutes, Spydialer finds any information it finds. If no results are found, it directs you to run a search on BeenVerified.


  • Free
  • Accurate results
  • Simple website


  • Some information may be restricted
  • Only available for US email lookups


They are a US-centric background check company and gather information from public records. InfoTracer combines all of its services in its unlimited plans, meaning you will get the reverse email lookup feature and its people lookup, background check, and court lookups services for one price. 

InfoTracer looks at criminal records, court records, and social and vital records, including information regarding birth, death, marriage, or divorce. You can also get a professional background check by looking at the publicly listed license for any lawyer or electrician you may want to hire.

Your first report on Infotracer will cost $3.95, and you’ll be charged $19.05 per month for unlimited searches.


  • Combines all their services for one price
  • Thorough checks and detailed reports
  • Unlimited checks with a subscription plan


  • Slow to deliver results
  • Slightly pricey


The BeenVerified email address tool is excellent for figuring out who email addresses belong to. Its search function is simple to use, and you can get your answers in just a few clicks. Using this service provider gives you a chance to learn the person’s name, gender and even see their photos. Its search function is simple to use, and you can get your answers in just a few clicks. 

This email address search tool goes beyond search engines. It crawls through billions of public records and allows you to find the data you need. You can find people’s aliases, phone numbers, alternative email addresses, education, and work experience information, among other things. 

While checking is free on BeenVerified, getting access to the results is not. They offer a seven-day trial for $1, or you can subscribe to a monthly plan for $28.86 a month to see the results.


  • Comprehensive search tool
  • 100% secure and private
  • Easy to use


  • Expensive
  • It takes anywhere from 2 -10 minutes to generate a report.


Frequently Asked Questions

What is a reverse email lookup? 

A reverse email search service is an online tool that can help you figure out who is contacting you and for what purpose via email. It is an excellent tool if you constantly receive emails from an unknown or suspicious email address.  

You can also perform an email lookup to learn more about people you’re thinking of hiring or leads to convert if you’re a marketing or sales specialist.

Some of the information that you may uncover is the sender’s real name, aliases, if any, current mailing address, phone numbers, social media profiles, photos, other email addresses, and others. 

Why do I need a reverse email search tool?  

The short answer is that it can protect you from phishing attacks. 

Email search tools can help you identify fake email addresses and potential fraud right away. The tools are essential because replying to phishing emails can undermine the security of your data or the data of the company you work for. 

Data breaches can create tons of issues. Cybercriminals use emails to trick people who don’t recognize a phishing attack into giving them personal information. 

For example, a scammer may write a message to you pretending to be a legitimate business owner to make you open an email and download a malicious file that will steal your data.  To ensure you’re aren’t being tricked, a reverse email search tool will tell you if you can trust the sender or not.

What is an email reverse lookup used for?

Aside from security reasons, people may perform a reverse email search for marketing purposes or recruiting.

In some cases, people aren’t always honest with recruiters and company representatives. If you don’t check the accuracy of the person you hire, it can do more harm than good to your business. 

For marketing, it is better to check before sending emails. You want to make sure that you’re sending emails to valid and promising leads, or you may risk damaging the reputation of your email address domain. After all, the end goal is to increase lead generation, not have it turned against you.

How to choose a reverse email lookup tool?

How often will you need to use the tool? How detailed will the reports be? If it complies with your legal data protection requirements. How fast the service is and if you’ll need additional information.

Once you answer these questions, you’ll be able to choose the right tool for you.


Reverse email lookup is a quick and easy way to find out who is emailing you. However, you want the information you receive to be accurate and authentic, thus why you should choose one of the reverse email lookup service providers from our list. We have included free service providers and those you can subscribe to a paid plan to unlock more information if needed.

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