Local designer wins again on ‘Runway’

By Mary Ann Albright, Columbian Staff Reporter



SethAaron Henderson drew inspiration from Harlem on last week’s episode of “Project Runway,” and the energy and vibrancy he absorbed from the neighborhood translated into success on the red carpet. Henderson, a 38-year-old Vancouver designer, partnered with fellow contestant Emilio Sosa to create day separates and an evening gown that earned them both top honors from the judges.

Henderson took leadership on the day look, while Sosa tackled the gown, although they collaborated on both designs.

“We’re totally different,” Henderson said. “We’re both pretty hardheaded, and we have a point of view. But we both went in with a mature outlook, and it showed. There were no issues, no hang-ups, and we fed off each other.”

This was both Henderson’s and Sosa’s second time winning a design challenge. They began as two of 16 contestants, and now they’re among just seven remaining. Viewers can see them on the next episode of “Project Runway,” airing at 10 p.m. Thursday on Lifetime Comcast Channel 69.

Beyond his “Project Runway” adventures, Henderson has another new experience on the horizon. He will take part in his first pet fashion show April 9 in Portland to benefit the DoveLewis Pet Loss Support Program.

Henderson, an animal lover with a Boston terrier, fish, lizard and guinea pig, has designed coats for dogs before, and looks forward to making an outfit for an animal to wear in the DoveLewis show.

“I think it’s totally awesome,” he said.

To learn more about the DoveLewis Boutiques Unleashed fashion show, go to http://www.boutiquesunleashed.com.