Sunday, January 19, 2020
Jan. 19, 2020

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In tiny town, immigration detainees outnumber residents

January 19, 2020, 12:30pm Nation & World

Maria Campos sits in the backseat of a car with her grandchildren, her eyes welling with tears as the immigration center comes into view. Read story

Researchers find biomarkers that help define what it means to age

January 17, 2020, 10:25pm Nation & World

Most of us think we know what aging looks and feels like. It announces itself with wrinkled skin and gray, thinning hair. It blurs vision, makes joints creaky, and if… Read story

More restrictions imposed on foreign military students

January 17, 2020, 8:28pm Nation & World

WASHINGTON — The Pentagon is imposing new restrictions and controls on all international military students at American bases, including barring them from having privately owned firearms on base, in response to a shooting by a Saudi trainee in December that killed three sailors in Florida. Read story

Australia firefighters save dinosaur trees

January 17, 2020, 8:27pm Nation & World

CANBERRA, Australia — Specialist firefighters have saved the world’s last remaining wild stand of a prehistoric tree from wildfires that razed forests west of Sydney, officials said Thursday. Read story

Justices to consider faithless electors ahead of 2020 vote

January 17, 2020, 7:46pm Nation & World

WASHINGTON — The Supreme Court said Friday it will decide ahead of the 2020 election whether presidential electors are bound to support the popular vote winner in their states or can opt for someone else. Read story

Michelle Obama’s school lunch program faces new cuts

January 17, 2020, 7:43pm Nation & World

WASHINGTON — The Trump administration has announced plans to cut back school lunch nutrition standards led by former first lady Michelle Obama. Read story

Man charged in Hanukkah attack pleads not guilty

January 17, 2020, 7:42pm Nation & World

NEW CITY, N.Y. (AP) — The man charged in an attack at a suburban New York Hanukkah celebration that left five people wounded, one critically, pleaded not guilty to attempted murder and other charges on Thursday. Read story

The unlikely rise of the Trumps and Kushners

January 17, 2020, 4:30pm Nation & World

NEW YORK — Americans have always been conflicted about political dynasties. Read story

Locust outbreak, most serious in 25 years, hits East Africa

January 17, 2020, 4:30pm Nation & World

ADDIS ABABA, Ethiopia — The most serious outbreak of locusts in 25 years is spreading across East Africa and posing an unprecedented threat to food security in some of the world’s most vulnerable countries, authorities say. Unusual climate conditions are partly to blame. Read story

‘Days of God’: A look at Iran’s mounting crises

January 17, 2020, 2:45pm Nation & World

DUBAI, United Arab Emirates — Iran’s supreme leader says his nation is living through “days of God.” Read story