Monday, May 17, 2021
May 17, 2021

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Jayne: Benton saga exacts high price

May 16, 2021, 6:02am Columns

We don’t know whether Don Benton and two other plaintiffs were wronged by Clark County officials in 2016. A jury will decide on that. Read story

Local View: Honor Asian Americans, learn full U.S. history

May 16, 2021, 6:01am Columns

May is Asian American and Pacific Islander Heritage Month. To fully honor those resilient and brave Americans, it is our duty to learn more about our nation’s past and current relationship with them. Read story

Westneat: Vote no and take the dough? It’s a proud conservative tradition

May 16, 2021, 6:01am Columns

Recently when Washington’s first federal mass vaccination site opened in Yakima, one of the dignitaries to hail it was the local congressman. Read story

Ambrose: The Biden compassion threat

May 16, 2021, 6:01am Columns

Too much of the Biden administration now comes down to self-righteous compassion and fiddle-faddle analysis without a hint of wisdom, or even of common sense. A recent example — with more to be reviewed — is an absurd decision to strip U.S. pharmaceutical companies of a patent that, like so… Read story

Harrop: Liz Cheney is not going to the ‘political wilderness’

May 15, 2021, 6:01am Columns

Liz Cheney’s ouster from the House Republican leadership has prompted many observers to say that the Wyoming representative is headed to the “political wilderness.” This assumes that the Republican Party is itself a civilization and not some decaying political entity about to be buried under the lava of its craziness. Read story

Pitts: He had ‘Foxitis’ like bin Laden had ‘jihad-itis’

May 14, 2021, 6:01am Columns

Let’s talk about “Foxitis.” Read story

Allen: Voters reject divisive plan

May 13, 2021, 6:01am Columns

Southlake, Texas, is not the most unlikely place for a showdown over critical race theory. Read story

Camden: State behind on vaccine freebies

May 12, 2021, 6:01am Columns

As a person who went through more than a month in early 2021 trying to get an appointment anywhere within 30 miles for a COVID vaccination, I confess to scratching my head at reports there is currently more vaccine than people willing to sit down and roll up their sleeves. Read story

Harrop: Biden’s economic agenda may be more Truman than FDR

May 11, 2021, 6:01am Columns

Joe Biden’s multitrillion-dollar plans to revive the economy, fix America’s infrastructure and ease poverty have spawned comparisons between him and Franklin D. Roosevelt. At the 100-day mark of the Biden presidency, David Gergen, who has advised presidents of both parties, wrote, “Biden is off to an excellent start — arguably,… Read story

McManus: Liz Cheney and Donald Trump are locked in mortal combat. So far, Trump is winning

May 11, 2021, 6:01am Columns

This week, Republican members of the U.S. House of Representatives are expected to fire Rep. Liz Cheney of Wyoming from the third-highest-ranking job in their leadership. Her offense: She refuses to shut up. Read story