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Monday,  May 20 , 2024

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Greg Jayne

Jayne: GOP lacking in election integrity

May 18, 2024, 6:02am Columns

‘I don’t think they’re being sincere,” Biff said, metaphorically casting a line. “Huh? Who? About what?” Bubba retorted, taking the bait like a famished trout. “About election integrity,” Biff added, setting the line. Read story

Jayne: Clark helps to teach economics

April 20, 2024, 6:02am Columns

When it comes to basketball, maybe Caitlin Clark can do everything. Read story

Jayne: Mergers don’t always fly right

April 6, 2024, 6:02am Columns

In researching and writing an editorial about Boeing this week, naturally I thought about corporate mergers. And Ronald Reagan. And St. Louis. Read story

Jayne: Support policies to boost families

March 30, 2024, 6:02am Columns

It is interesting; we’ll give it that. Read story

Jayne: Project aims to save civic health

March 23, 2024, 6:02am Columns

As uphill battles go, this might be the Mount Rainier of Washington politics. Read story

Jayne: GOP feels need to break things

March 16, 2024, 6:02am Columns

If you break it, the old saying goes, you own it. Read story

Jayne: Hangup on age dodging the facts

March 9, 2024, 6:02am Columns

At least he’s not as old as Biden. Read story

Jayne: Grade inflation is troublesome

February 24, 2024, 6:02am Columns

There is a brilliant moment in the brilliant Pixar movie “The Incredibles” in which the villain, Syndrome, talks about how the weapons he concocted have given him powers equal to that of any superhero. Read story

Jayne: State GOP is in a hole and digging

February 10, 2024, 6:02am Columns

Bob Ferguson insists it will be close. Read story

Jayne: Downfall of SI signals a shift

January 27, 2024, 6:02am Columns

You can thank my grandmother. Or you can blame her, depending upon your opinion of my writing. Read story