Monday, May 17, 2021
May 17, 2021

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Greg Jayne

Jayne: Bill for U.S. debt will come due

January 5, 2020, 6:02am Columns

Let’s look at it this way: If you borrowed $70,000 for each person in your family, without any concern about how to pay it off, could you put on the airs of prosperity? Read story

Jayne: In sports, losing can be a victory

December 15, 2019, 6:02am Columns

I hope they lose. Read story

Jayne: Oregon town symbol of times

December 8, 2019, 6:02am Columns

It is, possibly, the perfect metaphor for our times. Read story

Jayne: GOP should heed Gorton’s words

December 1, 2019, 6:02am Columns

He is 91 now, decades removed from politics. But with former U.S. Sen. Slade Gorton presenting a thoughtful opinion piece in the New York Times last week, I am reminded of the time he visited The Columbian’s Editorial Board. Read story

Jayne: Local newspaper matters to you

November 24, 2019, 6:02am Columns

Admittedly, I have a dog in the fight. But so do you. Read story

Jayne: Boomers making country go bust

November 17, 2019, 6:02am Columns

Technically, sociologists say, I’m not a baby boomer. Just missed it, by about a year, which probably is a good thing. Read story

Jayne: OK, we get it: Voters hate taxes

November 10, 2019, 6:02am Columns

As elections go, this was the local equivalent of Reagan-Mondale. Or maybe Ali-Liston II. Or maybe Sonny Corleone at the toll booth in “The Godfather.” Read story

Jayne: Is this the last gasp of GOP?

November 3, 2019, 6:02am Columns

It can’t be easy. Read story

Jayne: U.S. allows child care to wither

October 20, 2019, 6:02am Columns

There was a time, not all that long ago, that the United States nearly had universal child care. Read story

Jayne: Endorsements shed some light

October 13, 2019, 6:02am Columns

To some extent, it is akin to having somebody tell you whether they like kale more than broccoli or whether they have Nickelback on their playlist instead of Radiohead. Read story