Wednesday, February 1, 2023
Feb. 1, 2023

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Schram: Biden’s ’23 task: Fix border crisis

January 6, 2023, 6:01am Columns

Ever true to its traditions, Official Washington has celebrated its holidays by toasting its successes, and then cruising comfortably into yet another new year. Read story

Camden: 2022’s good, bad and ugly

January 4, 2023, 6:01am Columns

With 2022 in the rear view mirror, this is an appropriate time for a brief look back on what the editor at my first newspaper used to call a Sergio Leone review – the good, the bad and the ugly. Read story

McManus: This is the last column about Trump from me. (Maybe.)

January 4, 2023, 6:01am Columns

Last year, as congressional elections approached, pundits offered a bold prediction: November would bring a “red wave,” a Republican sweep in the House and Senate. Read story

Estrich: Despite discomfort, choose life

January 2, 2023, 6:01am Columns

They call them “overdose prevention sites.” I’d never heard of them until I saw a picture in the Los Angeles Times of a drug user literally falling down in the middle of a city plaza where dozens of people were openly consuming fentanyl, meth and other deadly drugs. Read story

Albom: Mountain or molehill depends on news source

January 2, 2023, 6:01am Columns

What’s a mountain, what’s a molehill? It’s getting pretty hard to tell in American media. Read story

McManus: Trump not easily toppled

January 2, 2023, 6:01am Columns

The 845-page final report of the House Committee on Jan. 6 is an epic. Like “Moby Dick” or “War and Peace,” it is destined to be admired more than read. Read story

Harrop: Santos did not choose his string of lies wisely

January 2, 2023, 6:01am Columns

In the movie classic, “All About Eve,” George Sanders as the snob theater critic rakes scheming young actress Anne Baxter over the lies she told about her hard-knocks background. Read story

Ishisaka: GoFundMes reveal a dirty little open secret

January 2, 2023, 6:01am Columns

This time of year, we find ourselves touched by the generosity, grace and kindness of people helping people. Extending ourselves to others reveals the best of who we are as humans, and that emerges so clearly during the holiday season. Read story

Jayne: Republicans need to redirect

January 1, 2023, 6:02am Columns

There seems to be some cognitive dissonance, or maybe just a lack of understanding. Like hitting your face with a skillet and then wondering why your nose is broken. Read story

Leubsdorf: My forecast for 2023

January 1, 2023, 6:01am Columns

Last year’s column successfully predicted Democratic Senate gains and a smaller-than-expected Republican House takeover. Here is our not-totally-serious forecast for 2023: Read story