Democrat Rodriguez-Salazar withdraws from 3rd District race



Maria Rodriguez-Salazar of Clark County said Wednesday she no longer is seeking the 3rd District Congressional seat to be vacated by U.S. Rep. Brian Baird.

“My decision to end my campaign stems from the political climate that exists in this race,” said Rodriguez-Salazar, a nurse and Democrat. “As a candidate, I have brought some uniqueness with my platform. This platform is not one that currently has a venue for an independent voice to be heard.”

She added: “In the next few weeks, I will be forming an organization that will help promote civic engagement, recognizing all the contributions of all of our communities and to hold elected officials accountable for real solutions to the issues facing our country. It will be an organization where independent voices are welcomed.”

Still in the race are Democrats Denny Heck, an Olympia businessman and former state legislator; state Sen. Craig Pridemore of Vancouver; and Cheryl Crist, an Olympia peace activist; and Republicans David Castillo, an Olympia financial consultant; state Rep. Jaime Herrera of Camas; David Hedrick, a Camas Tea Party activist; and Army veteran Chris Boyd.