One last night at cabin proved fatal




As a real estate agent, I had listed for sale a cabin near Spirit Lake. This gentleman’s cabin was right next to his folks’ cabin, and they were just around the corner from Harry S. Truman lodge.

During the time of the listing, we had a couple of conversations about the mountain, and he seemed very curious about it.

The days prior to the eruption, the State Patrol had arranged for people who had property up there, to go up and retrieve their belongings.

My client and his girl friend sneaked around the Patrol so they wouldn’t be counted. Saturday night, he told his folks goodbye and told them they would home on Sunday because him and his girlfriend wanted to stay one more night in the cabin.

Him, his girlfriend and the cabin are still there.

The one picture I had (a Polaroid), I sent to his mom.


Editor’s note: Portland residents Bob M. Kasewater, 39, and Beverly C. Wetherald, 34, were presumably buried by the huge avalanche that accompanied the May 18, 1980 eruption. See an interactive map that shows where they and others died on May 18, 1980, at