Storro finds few friends among social media users

Facebook page calling for her arrest gains support

By Mark Bowder, Columbian Assistant Metro Editor



Social media, which rallied to Bethany Storro’s cause in the days after she falsely reported being attacked by an acid-weilding assailant, has turned against her in a big way.

The Facebook page “Send Bethany Storro to Jail” – an acerbic response to the earlier “Send Bethany Storro a hug” page – had gathered 1,217 “like” ratings from Facebook users as of early this afternoon.

The “hug” page had been taken down after police said Storro confessed to the hoax.

The page, which features a post-burn photo of Storro overlain with the words “Moron of the Year,” includes posts of articles on her case and profanity-riddled comments mocking and deriding the 28-year-old Vancouver woman.

The number of “like” ratings far exceeds that of some local institutions in Clark County, including The Columbian (766), the Greater Vancouver Chamber of Commerce (372), and the YWCA Clark County (232) .

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