Talking Points: Carrier game



What’s the buzz from the world of sports? Here are some items that will have people talking:


Want to control ticket scalping? Play a game on an aircraft carrier.

Michigan State and North Carolina have scheduled a men’s basketball game for Nov. 11 — Veteran’s Day — to take place on an aircraft carrier in San Diego bay. (Apparently organizers thought Bremerton in November wasn’t condusive to outdoor hoops on an aircraft carrier.)

Tickets for this event will be free, however the tickets will be distributed only to a lucky few. Each ticket will have the recepiant’s name printed on the front AND the ID must match to get in. Thus, eliminating any scalping ideas.

A court and stadium seating for about 7,000 fans will be set up on the flight deck of an aircraft carrier to be determined . In case of rain, the game will be moved below to the hangar deck, with bleacher seating for the fans.


Yahoo! Sports blog “Shutdown Corner” reported Monday that Tony La Russa’s daughter Bianca made the cut to be an Oakland Raiders cheerleader for the 2011 season.

Writes blog author Chris Chase: “If she’s anything like her dad, Bianca will use five dancers on a four-dancer routine, move the worst dancer up to No. 7 in the dancing order and have Buzz Bissinger follow her around and write a deifying book about three days in the life of a cheerleader.”


Talking Points is hoping the weather holds long enough later this week for Camas and Mountain View to get in their baseball games. Ranked 1st and 6th this week by the Seattle Times, the two are scheduled to square off Thursday and Friday.