Letter: Do more for returning troops



Do you remember the yellow ribbons we all had on our cars promising we would support our troops? Osama bin Laden is dead and soon our soldiers will be heading home. How are we supporting these young men and women now?

Affordable educations available? Sorry, we’re broke. A plan for providing affordable housing or health care for their families? Sorry, we’re broke. A promise of Social Security and Medicare after a lifetime’s work? Sorry, we’re broke. Air and water clean enough to be healthy? Sorry, we’re broke. Open campgrounds and parks? Sorry, we’re broke.

But reverse the income tax cuts that were put in place while these soldiers were fighting our battles in foreign lands? Sorry, that would irritate the “job creators.” I’d still like to see all those jobs created in this country by the those tax cuts.

Our armed forces have done what we the people asked of them. Now it’s time to truly honor them by making sure their country will be worth coming home to.

Drew Kenney