Letter: Social Security belongs to the people



I have been paying into Social Security for my whole life. I work hard, pay my taxes, and save what I have left. I used to be sure that Social Security would be there to protect me when I retired. I didn’t think that politicians would ever take away the benefits that I’ve earned in the name of deficit reduction or any other political ploy. I didn’t imagine that they would consider raiding my Social Security and use the money to reduce the deficit.

But today, I am outraged by the way in which every commission and debt plan has placed a target on Social Security. Social Security is funded with my money, and it doesn’t contribute to the federal deficit.

Saying that Social Security benefits need to be cut right now is unthinkable — it has nothing to do with the problem at hand, and it breaks the promise that was made to me when I first started paying my FICA taxes.

Social Security belongs to me, not to Washington, D.C. politicians who are using the current situation to pursue their own agendas. I’ve done my part and when I retire, I expect to receive the benefits I was promised. No politician would be wise to take that away.

Bruce Knowles