Talking Points: Players don’t always make good execs



What’s the buzz from the world of sports? Here are some items that will have people talking:


It has been reported recently that Reggie Miller has a strong chance of taking over as Indiana Pacers team president should Larry Bird step down.

The question is: Why?

For some reason, owners incessantly believe that success on the court or field or rink somehow translates into front-office acumen. Truth is, decisions such as these are more of a crap shoot than anything.

Sure, the likes of Jerry West helped transform the Lakers into the 21st century’s most dominant basketball team, but for every West there is an Isiah Thomas, Elgin Baylor, Wayne Gretzky or even Michael Jordan, whose success as an exec/talent scout is infinitesimal when compared to his achievements between the lines.

Look, the jocks may hate it, but advanced statistics may tell us just as much about performance than the naked eye, and understanding of the CBA and contract negotiations are more significant attributes in a GM than a familiar face. Talking Points would favor a Rich Cho over a Reggie Miller in this position. Let the nerds have their day.


The more Talking Points contemplates that notion of NBA greats playing overseas, the more intrigued it is by the concept.

It imagines that international rules could alter the way fans view who the true “best player in the world” is.

Remember, in international competition, NBA players don’t dominate in the same capacity that they do in their own league, and it’s possible many of them would struggle to excel when playing in Europe or Asia.

Plus, in the same way that role players on championship teams come to fame when playing in the Finals, there may be a Turkish or French or British player we’ve never heard of all of a sudden come to prominence.

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