Letter: GOP resistance has huge impact



We, the working class and those of us lucky enough, or should I say unlucky enough, to be retired, have Speaker of the House John Boehner and the new Republican “six-pack” congressional “super committee” to thank for higher interest ratings on everything.

Because of Boehner and the “six-pack,” America’s credit rating fell to two stars and a plus sign.

Ruth Marcus put it aptly in her Aug. 12 column, “Political system downgrades itself,” when she wrote, “You cannot practice the art of the possible with a party that insists on finger painting with a single color.”

This is in reference to the Republicans’ insistence to not raising taxes on the people who pad their wallets — the millionaires, billionaires, oil tycoons, multi-national corporations that send all of the unemployed people’s jobs overseas. And we can’t forget the pharmaceutical industry that charges a huge percent markup on useless drugs.

Carl S. Scheuffele