Talking Points: Pat Summitt has a new challenge



What’s the buzz from the world of sports? Here are some items that will have people talking:


Not a whole lot of people know about early onset dementia.

Sports fans know now.

Tennessee women’s basketball coach Pat Summitt opened up to her team, and then the public Tuesday with a shocking revelation that her recent bouts with memory loss were due to dementia.

Seemingly, not much good could come from this. But perhaps the more people learn about it, the more likely some day there will be a cure.

We also love that Summitt has decided to keep coaching the Lady Vols. The greatest coach in the history of women’s basketball should keep fighting, on and off the court.


There are reports that Kevin Durant will star in a movie with basketball as its subplot.

That’s so unfair to Tom Hanks, Jack Nicholson, and Denzel Washington. You don’t see them playing in the NBA, right?

But now Durant might try acting. And you know he will be awesome. Heck, he would probably be the first actor selected if Hollywood had a draft for the movies it made. Well, unless the Blazers were producing the movie.


The Seattle Mariners scored 12 runs in the second game of Tuesday’s doubleheader. That’s the first time in 103 games the team reached double figures in runs.

That seems impossible. Most bad offenses get lucky more than once every 103 games.

Sadly, not the Mariners.

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