Letter: Social Security coveted by wealthy



Some facts about Social Security:

  1. It is not an entitlement.

  2. It is “Old Age, Survivors and Disability Act Trust Fund” by federal law.

  3. Every worker pays into this “trust fund.”

  4. Employers’ contributions are possible because of our labor.

  5. It is the American workers’ money, secured by the federal government, not subject to the manipulations of greedy Wall Street billionaires.

Wall Street pigs have slobbered over this money for years, using every tricky device to get their hands on it, from sneeringly calling it entitlements to market and bank manipulations (hedge funds), to creating a debt based on lies (two wars). The debt ceiling is their latest manipulation.

We don’t have a spending problem; we have a revenue problem perpetrated by the wealthiest 1 percent of Americans assisted by this unprincipled Congress. That 1 percent is never satisfied with what they have, always reaching for more at the painful expense of the rest of us. Their wealth is measured to be 94 percent of our gross national product. This is more assets controlled by fewer people than before the 1929 Depression. And still it isn’t enough. They covet and grasp for the last of the peoples’ money, the “Old Age, Survivors, and Disability Act Trust Fund.”

Celia Louderback